Burutai Gives Fresh Order, Directs Soldiers To Treat All Nigerians As Boko Haram Suspects

Suspects of Boko Haram

Burutai gives a new order to the army and orders the soldiers to treat all Nigerians as suspects of Boko Haram.

Nigeria online news understands that the Army Chief of Staff, Tukur Buratai, has ordered troops involved in counterinsurgency operations in the Northeast to quickly prepare to enter war mode.

According to a Peoples Gazette report, Buratai lamented a slack in staff performance that had prolonged the war.

An internal army correspondence seen by the People’s Gazette entitled: “Special Order COAS-01 Change to War Mode, ”He also ordered the soldiers deployed in ‘Operation Lafiya Doleé’ a special fighting squad against terrorism to treat all people in the troubled region as suspected by Boko Haram until they are properly identified.

“All people should be treated as suspects unless fully identified and authorized, especially in isolated and high-threat areas, when they are in clean-up operations and at checkpoints.
“We are not in peacekeeping operations, internal security operations or deterrence actions. This is a real war ”, said the directive of November 20, 2020.

The OPLD theater commander, Farouq Yahaya, also relayed a Buratai follow-up to the soldiers, instructing them to “quickly identify” and “immediately neutralize” all confirmed terrorist elements.

In reaction to the new order, human rights activist Emeka Umeagbalasi is concerned that the new methodology implemented by the Army Chief of Staff portends serious consequences for human rights.

“If that directive is implemented, we will witness human rights abuses on an industrial scale,” Umeagbalasi told the Peoples Gazette.

“The Nigerian Army’s counterinsurgency operations must be conducted within the limits of international best practice. Superior intelligence and crime detection must be applied considering that Boko Haram’s asymmetric style of operations in the northeast cannot be labeled as terrorist, ”he added.

Military authorities had repeatedly claimed since 2015 that the decade-long war against the insurgency had been won, and that the Nigerian military was simply running a clean-up operation to extinguish the remnants of Boko Haram in the northeast.