Buhari Has Failed – Northerner Laments As Bandits Spend 5 Hours Killing, Maiming And Raping People In Villages

Buhari Has Failed – Northerner Laments As Bandits Spend 5 Hours Killing, Maiming And Raping People In Villages

A Northerner, Mubarak Ibrahim Lawan has taken to Facebook to lament how bandits are killing innocent villagers without any intervention from the police.

While lamenting President Muhammadu Buhari’s inability to secure the lives and property of citizens, he added that Buhari has refused to listen to the people.

He wrote:

“Yesterday, bandits spent around 5 hours killing, maiming, raping, robbing and vandalizing in a village in Maradun LG, Zamfara, without any interference from any force. Also, this is not the first, second or third! Remember Wurma in Katsina of Buhari and other villages under Jibia LG of Katsina himself!
If really Buhari is alive and mentally healthy; If truly our senators, members of the House of Representatives, and governors have an iota of common sense left; If all of us emirs and all of us here who can speak to hundreds or thousands of people are not mentally deranged, this problem should be approached in a practical way, not a theoretical one as Buhari does. We should all stop talking here, but insecurity or the risk that we will stop breathing!

I wonder how a DPO sleeps well when in a town under the supervision of his division he burns. The same is true of the Dagaci, Me unguwa, and the Emir of the region. What lie does the governor have for the people when he cannot deal with the DPO or ask for more security personnel to protect the lives of those who voted for him to protect their lives and property?

As governor, Zulum sleeps less or only when necessary; he walks and supervises his people, hears their cries and attends to their problems; stops his convoy to listen to his people on the roadside, wallahi no leader in Nigeria has an excuse here or on the day of judgment. May Allah protect Professor Zulum!
Arewa is on fire seriously, so Buhari should be decisive for #SecureNorth now. You should deal with the chiefs of security and governors now. You should listen to the experts on their draconian border closure policy, study why this banditry is getting worse in border neighborhoods, and how much profit the closure brought the country so far!

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