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Banditry: Arrest, probe Sheikh Gumi now

Nigerians on Tuesday called on the federal government to order the arrest and investigation of popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, for his interactions with bandits in the country.

Lately, Sheikh Gumi has been seen in photographs in which he has conversations with notorious bandits in the forests of Zamfara, Niger and other states. He had also advocated for a blanket amnesty for bandits, as was done for militants in the Niger Delta region.

Edujandon.com also reported that Sheikh Gumi said the bandits had only killed “a few” people accidentally, adding that they killed out of “revenge.”

Sheikh Gumi’s latest comment sparked outrage on social media with many users describing him as the spokesperson for bandits in the country.

A Twitter user @FolarinCharles expressed shock at the clergyman’s statement. “What comes from Gumi is unexpected. He said bandits are only interested in paying a ransom and that their killings are often accidental. Haba, what do bandits do to those who cannot pay the ransom? They just kill them without looking back, ”he wrote.

“If this was the United States (United States), this man would have been jailed … he is its coordinator,” alleged @YourfavLollipop.

Another tweep, @ Greatrufus1, stated: “Sheikh Gumi has taken on the role of patron and spokesperson for bandits in Nigeria. Let’s see where that takes them. “

“This man’s task of painting holy killers is dead upon arrival,” added @ElafikwuSunday.

@UncleGoodBoy said: “If Gumi was a Southerner, the DSS (Department of State Services) would have arrested him.”

Additionally, some Facebook users were upset by the clergyman’s recent comments and activities, and asked law enforcement agencies to immediately arrest him for questioning.

Iyamu Moses commented: “Nigeria is finished. That this man is still moving freely after meeting the murderers and terrorists shows that Nigeria is in deep trouble. “

“This man needs to be investigated, he obviously knows too much about these people,” said Jean-Philips Aka.

For her part, Ann Chiagolum urged the government to “bring this sheikh to rehabilitation before it is too late.”


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