ASUU set to call off strike as Nigerian government, union say talks fruitful

This follows the federal government's decision yesterday to agree to the demands of the Union of Academic Personnel of Universities (ASUU) that they be exempted from the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS).

The Federal Government has said that its negotiations with the University Academic Staff Union (ASUU) have yielded fruitful results.

Addressing reporters shortly after their meeting in Abuja on Friday, Labor and Employment Minister Senator Chris Ngige said the deliberations had been very fruitful and the government had complied with all the demands of the speakers.

He said ASUU would bring the outcome of the meeting to its members for ratification and would return to the government with a resolution to suspend the strike no later than Friday next week.

In collaboration with the Minister’s statement, ASUU President Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi said that their talks were fruitful and that the union, in its usual practice, would bring the result to the members before returning to government on its resolution.

At the beginning of the meeting, the minister said that ASUU had submitted a written response to the federal government’s offer.

THISDAY gathered from sources at Friday’s meeting that the government made further adjustments to offers made to ASUU in a determined effort to resolve the deadlock.

Some of the offers made by the government at its last meeting a week ago included amounts due such as earned allowances, revitalization fund and a promise to make up their back wages.

Confirming the government’s position, Ngige said: “What we said at the meeting and what we agreed on was that, in the interim of the transition period, NITDA and the Office of the National Security Advisor for cyber security are testing UTAS. For that transition period, ASUU members who are not yet in IPPIS will receive payment through the platform with which they were paid the compassionate COVID-19 payment made to them by the President between the months of February and June.

On the new offer made to ASUU, the minister said that before Friday’s meeting, the government presented an aggregate offer of N50 billion to ASUU.

“The offer that is made is clear. You can understand it this way. Before yesterday’s meeting, the government submitted an aggregate offer of N50 billion to ASUU. N20 billion for revitalization to demonstrate in good faith that the government is still with them on the issue of funding for revitalization and pending the affirmation of new sources of funding for public education. There is a committee on that and the committee is working on getting new funds for education, it is a NEEDS committee.

So, waiting for the NEEDS committee to carry out a new funding source and strategy, the government offered them N20 billion for revitalization, in addition to the funds that come from TETFUNDS that are also used for revitalization, they rejected the N20 billion and they said they wanted N110 billion and that N110 billion is 50 percent of a tranche of N220 billion.The government said they don’t have that kind of money and then increased that N20 billion into N5 billion to become at N25 billion and if it becomes N25 billion, the earned allowances will rise to N40 billion from immediate payments totaling N65 billion for revitalization and earned allowances at universities.

“The government then said alternately, ASUU can opt for revitalization to go up to N30 billion, while the accrued appropriations for all unions in the universities will fall from N40 billion to N35 billion, which is the second basket they are given. offers, either. Either you choose the revitalization of N25 billion plus N40 billion of earned allowances or the revitalization of N30 billion and N35 billion of earned allowances, ”he said.

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