ASUU Fires FG, Syas IPPIS Can’t Tackle Corruption In Universities


ASUU has fired FG for believing that IPPIS can tackle corruption in universities.

Nigeria online news reports that the Union of Academic Personnel Universities (ASUU) has criticized the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), saying it lacks the ability to curb corruption in the university system.

The union explained that the IPPIS was not a legal instrument that could dictate and address the fraudulent activities of some university administrators by insisting that the government’s payment system violated university autonomy.

ASUU’s position was contained in a statement signed by union leaders from the universities in the Port Harcourt area.

Those who endorsed the document are Uzo Onyebinama, Zonal Coordinator, ASUU, Port Harcourt; Emmanuel Akpan, President of the Federal University of Otuoke (FUO); Endurance Joseph, president of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education; Tonbara Kingdom, President of the Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island and Austen Sado, President of the University of Port Harcourt.

Reading the statement in Port Harcourt on Thursday, Onyebinama said that the well-known legally approved instrument to investigate corruption in universities was the visiting panel.

He said: “IPPIS is not the legal instrument to solve the problem of monumental fraud perpetrated by some university administrators.

“IPPIS pays rent subsidies, bonuses for magazines, conferences, dangers, among others. For example, an associate professor pays a tax of around 672,000 naira a year.

“IPPIS does not comply with the due process of registration in the national housing scheme. IPPIS deducts pensions from the allowances listed above. IPPIS violates university autonomy. IPPIS violates the law.

“The legal instrument to investigate corruption in universities is the visiting panel. For nearly a decade, ASUU has been calling for visiting panels at federal universities.

“We are told that they are about to publish the panels for several weeks. It may take five more years to publish it.

“Even when the panels visit, their reports will remain secret and empty white papers will be published with nothing to implement and this will be done in collusion with some unscrupulous officials of the Federal Government.”

Onyebinama asked the federal government to work on his speech showing zero tolerance for corruption, denouncing the proliferation of universities by state governors, who could not sustain the existing ones.

He said: “However, this government was elected to office with the mantra of zero tolerance for corruption. State governments are proliferating universities without adequate funding for established ones.

“Most of the rectors of state universities are at the disposal of their visitors, unable to make any decision without resorting to their visitors.

“This fight is not just for ASUU members. It belongs to the Nigerian people, to the masses of this country. We are already down and the one who is down doesn’t have to fear a fall. Let’s defend our public universities ”.

Onyebinama also described Labor and Employment Minister Dr. Chris Ngige as a bad midwife whose babies appeared to be born even after her failure to respect the Memorandum of Action (MOA) of 2017 and 2019.

Onyebinama accused the government of betting on the future of Nigerian youth, saying that the writing had always been on the wall about the government’s reluctance to take action to ensure the reopening of universities this year.

He said: “It seems that he (Ngige) is not a good midwife, since those babies seem to be born yet. His recent comments are a sign that universities cannot reopen in 2020 and this government is playing with the future of Nigerian youth. The handwriting has always been on the wall about this government’s reluctance to take the necessary steps to ensure that our universities reopen this year. “