Amotekun denies killing University of Ibadan student

Men from the Amotekun Corps in Osun state arrested two suspects, Friday and Toyib, for allegedly stealing women's underwear for ritual purposes.

The Commander of the Southwest Security Network in Oyo state, also known as Amotekun, has denied reports that his agents killed a student at the University of Ibadan last Sunday.

Olayinka Olayanju, a retired colonel, said in a statement issued in Ibadan on Saturday that men from the Amotekun Corps had an encounter with a three-man gang of robbers, neutralized their leader, and handed over the two surviving members to the Police Station of Atiba in the city of Oyo. .

The Amotekun Corps had been accused of killing a fourth-year student at the University of Ibadan, Akolade Gbadebo, who was shot while students at a UI campus affiliated with the Federal College of Education in Oyo city were having fun. around 10:30 pm Thursday in Atiba.

But Olayanju said that no student died.

“On Sunday December 20, a mobile patrol team of Amotekun agents from the local government areas of Oyo East and Atiba came across an illegal roadblock set up around the Sabo area in the city of Oyo around 4 A.M

“As the team tried to clear the barricade to facilitate the smooth passage of interstate commercial vehicles on the highway, a group of gunmen suspected of being thieves fired at Amotekun agents and a gun battle ensued.

“In the process, one of the robbers, nicknamed Akin Sarz, was neutralized and two other gang members were arrested at the scene with a locally made pistol and cartridges.

“Nigerian police men from Atiba were called to the place where Amotekun officers handed over the two suspected armed robbers arrested along with the body of Akin Sarz.

“The police later turned over the surviving gang members to the Iyangaku state CID, Ibadan, for further investigation,” he said.

The commander implored people who wanted more details about the incident to visit the Akinmorin community in the Afijio local government area in Oyo state or ask the police.

“Amotekun operatives will do everything within their legal responsibility to protect lives and property without prejudice to any sentiment,” said Olayanju.

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