Adamawa governor signs N140 billion budget for 2021

Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri has accused opposition elements of sponsoring thugs to undermine his leadership and the public good.

Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri has promulgated the state budget for 2021 of more than 140 billion naira.

He signed the budget on Saturday at Government House in Yola, as approved by the State Assembly House on Christmas Eve.

The governor who just over a month ago, on November 23, submitted a tax proposal of N140.034.404.449 to the House, said during the brief budget signing ceremony on Saturday that the House did a quick job of examining the proposal and approve it. one day, December 24, when most of the people had gone on Christmas vacation.

Fintiri thanked the Assembly for its love for the state and its cooperation with him in achieving governance.

Fintiri said that the budget approved by the Assembly was a little different from what it proposed, with 52 percent, or N72,817,892,910 going to capital projects.

He said that he proposed such a high percentage for capital projects to generate physical development because democracy without infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals and so on, is democracy that gets no one anywhere.

He added that the budget, the Tagged Stabilization Budget, is meant to stabilize development efforts and make the people of Adamawa have the impact of governance.

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