10-year-old girl Engages in Prostitution, Caught with 4 Men in Suleja

In an unfortunate event, a 10 year girl was caught having $exual relations with 4-men in an uncompleted building at old Kwata of Suleja.


The little girl, who hawks sachet water, disclosed that she was paid between N100 to N200 on a daily basis.

In her chat with The AU­THORITY, she disclosed that she started sleeping with men since when she was 8 years old.

“I started sleeping with men when I was eight years old. I use the money they give me and the one I get from my pure water business to sustain my parents and two siblings,” she said.

When asked how often she meets the men, she said it was on daily basis and returns home at 10pm. “I don’t sleep outside my home,” she added.

When asked, the men refused to give their identi­ties. The police source said the matter is still under in­vestigation “and as a matter of fact, the little girl chose to engage herself into such act.

“She was not forced as we thought when we arrested them. It was dur­ing interrogation that it became clear to us that they had her based on her agreement with the four men.”

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