Drop Your Most Wanted Movie And We Will Provide It For You

Drop Your Most Wanted Movie And We Will Provide It For You Drop Your Most-Wanted Movie And We Will Provide It For You Most-Wanted Movies


This is a section to request for most wanted movie you are anticipating to watch but havent for some reasons.
We upload based on number of a particular movie request, Please Make sure its a nollywood movie
Thanks Start requesting now!! Use the comment form… ?

  1. caroline okafor says

    Please upload the movie ayamma from ibakatv.

  2. Ifekemi says

    Pls upload Jenifa’s diary season 9 episode 9 and 10.Thanks.

  3. Sam says

    spiderman homecoming

  4. Anonymous says

    Pls upload the film apama by Francis odega

  5. Joy says

    jenifas diary season9

  6. pls upload bank alert season 5&6 says


  7. pls upload the getaway season 1 episode 7_13 says


  8. husbands of lagos season 4 says


  9. When love happens and omugwo says


  10. seyi says

    plz jenifas diary season 9episode 7 nd d
    remained episodes nd industreet season 1episode 9 nd remained episodes

  11. Naijcrackgist says

    The Righteous Kill

  12. Anonymous says

    plz husbands of Lagos season 3 complete

  13. plz i need husbands of lagos season 3 says


  14. Jenifer's diary season 9 says


  15. Asiwaju yoruba movie by sanyeri n mr ibu says


  16. Pls post Jenifas diary season 9 episode 9 till current episode says

    Heric Erioluwa

  17. flozy says

    Pls upload a trip to jamaica

  18. Rockstar says

    Pls upload baby driver.

  19. pls upload foyeke part 2 says

    pls help me upload foyeke part 2 from ibaka TV, thanks.

  20. Desire says

    Jenifa’s Diary season 8 episode 6-13

  21. 10 days in sun city says

    10 days in sun city

  22. Jamesking says

    10 days in sun city , okafors law ,wives on strike

  23. Muhideen Ademola says

    Pls upload fast and furious 8 full movie with English subtitles

  24. Obinna Ubajaka says

    Pls upload jenifa’s diary season 9 episode 11, 12 and 13 t8ill current episode

  25. Larry says

    Nice, you guys are doing a great job.

  26. juliet says

    Please, help to upload jenifa’s diary, season 8.. All of it. Thanks

  27. Anonymous says

    How do I download movies from here?

  28. ola says

    pls I need these season films
    Orange Couty(O.C) and Dark Angel

  29. please upload jenifas diary season 9and 10 says


  30. Anonymous says

    Please I’m in need of jenifa’s diary season 6, 7, 8 and 9

  31. black panther says

    Chizzy daddy

  32. wedding party 2 says


  33. David malomo says

    Black panther

  34. Mankind says

    Industreet Season 2

  35. ifeanyi says

    Your comment…pls upload alakada reloaded and wedding party 2

  36. Anonymous says

    please upload 76,kada river and In April

  37. Anonymous says

    Please upload ayamma

  38. joy says

    Your comment…MTV shuga naija series

    1. Mr More says
  39. hafi says

    pls upload jenifa’s diery season 11 episode 11

  40. funmi says

    jenifers dairy season 9

  41. Thugboy says

    Please the wedding party 2 destination Dubai

  42. Justina says

    Your comment…upload Jenifer’s diary season 12 episode 1-13

  43. Anonymous says

    Your comment…wedding party2

  44. Del says

    Your comment…wedding party 2

  45. Anonymous says

    The wedding party 2

  46. Vicky says

    Pls the wedding party 2

  47. Anonymous says

    Your comment…wedding party 2

  48. Anonymous says

    Your comment…lovely

  49. Debby says

    Your comment…wedding party part 2

  50. HP says


  51. nicki says

    Pls ooo the wedding party 2

  52. the wedding party 2 says

    I love the movie

  53. Anonymous says

    Your comment…please wedding party 2

  54. Oyindolapo says

    Wedding party 2

  55. Anonymous says

    Wedding party 2

  56. Mazzy says

    Please wedding party 2

  57. Usman says

    Your comment… Nice Movie

  58. Blessing william says

    Pls I need omugwo..

  59. victory says

    10 days in suncity

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