The fact that certain Europeans and other Africans like Boston and Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder initially wrote history about Igala kingdom , made it very clumsy,complicated and stultified with the attendant ambiguities and irregularities coupled with what I will preferred : false assumptions and erroneous believe about the personality of Abutu-Eje and other notable events in Igala kingdom .There is therefore a compelling mandate to all Igala scholars to put the facts on the table of public opinions for accurate and intelligent assessment of these bare pieces of information about our origin and culture .

Abutu -EJe is believed by some scholars not be Jukun’s origin but Igala origin as a representative and chancellor in then kwararafa royal Court . Left behind When Igala broke away from Jukun but later joined his Igala group in Abejukolo, the present Omala local government Area of Kogi State .
In considering the accounts of Igala exodus along side with other ethnic groups within the context of old kwararafa kingdom to a point of no returns from: Babel (Tower of Babel) to Egypt ,from Egypt to Sudan from Sudan to Ethiopia from Ethiopia to Congo from Congo to the present Bornu of Nigeria ,from bronu to kwararafa (Wukari) the present day Taraba state, from Taraba state to Omagede ( Otutubatu in Abejukolo-Ife. )Kogi state and then finally to IGALA MELA-Idah Kogi state.

Kwararafa was a population of multifaceted ethnic state comprising Jukuns,Igalas,Ebiras,Idomas and a host of others living as a Confederated state led by the Jukuns.However,as an individual groups made up of different clans or tribes,the call to leadership became necessary as this leaders exerted and willed considerable authority over their followers.As a result of conflict of interest,the Igala moved out of Wukari to Omagede(Otutubatu-Abejukolo-Ife) from where they further moved South ward to Igala Mela-Idah(kogi state) The leadership position assumed and the role played by the duo of Abutu-Eje and Ogala through thick and thin to the present day Igala land can not be over emphasized.

History had it that the present Abejukolo was named after his popular word “Aboji kilo”. His quest for total unification and freedom saw him at Abejukolo on his way from Wukari while on getting to a particular sport (Abejukolo ) there was confusion as to which direction to go in furtherance of their journey.He insisted they stayed a little before continuing their journey but some were afraid of the unknown and possible attacks from the enemy as was the case in those days. It was then probably act of annoyance he said “Aboji kilo” meaning ” who is doubting should go” now corrupted to ABEJUKOLO in the present day Omala local government Area of Kogi State.

The word : ” Aboji kilo ” spoken by Abutu-Eje far back then before becoming a King was an Igala language and not jukun language
(Emphasis number (1)). There are several school of thoughts about Abutu-Eje personality:

(1) His origin Vs Igalas Relation ,while others like Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder and Boston posit that he was conceived and birthed by a leopard
(false emphases number 2). As False as this accounts sound,some people are yet to come out of this erroneous assumptions. The other groups erroneously believed that Abutu-Eje is/was of jukun origin while others further argue that his an Igala Origin as there is no any proof to justify his Jukun Origin.

The school of thought that post Abutu-Eje a Jukun origin seems to be wrong and as their assertions or assumptions does not hold water considering the fact that there were no scientific or empirical prove to back up their illusions. Another key and vital point from the above is that in terms of language,culture,names and many more,
Though Iam not concluding that Abutu EJe is an Igala origin or not, but as we proceed on this research truth will surely review….

I will rather accept Samuel Bishop Ajiyi crowder and Boston Abutu-ejeh Origin as an imaginary assumptions due to their lack of scientific and empirical evidence to back or justify their claim . Just like same assumptions held by the Yorubas regarding Oduduwa; Oduduwa was believed to have descended from heaven with a sand and a chicken on a spot above the waters where the present day Ile ife is situated hanging unto a rope,spreading the sand on the waters and making the chicken to spread spread the sand on the water to become dry land.You and I know that this account’s is faulty on all premises bearing in mind that it lacks scientific and empirical proves and could be best regarded as a figment of the writers imagination.

It is possible that at kwararafa, Abutu- EJe who with Ogala led Igala group from Egypt to kwararafa (the confederacy conquest state) Abutu-Eje must have stayed back due to some reasons (emphasis 3) while Ogala led Igala to Omagede .
Even in the Bible and Quran, when several ethnic groups migrate together, for instance let’s take Bible as a case study, leaders or the most elderly of the clan or group would serve as the leader : these on the other hand serve the people their leaders by judging their conduct ,coordinate and guide their movement and activities . So it must have been the case with our forefathers, since kwararafa was a Federacy conquest with different tribes and clans there is possibility of every tribes representatives at the royal Court: could it be that Abutu-Eje and Ogala were the Igala representative (chancellors) at the royal Court and it might be only those leaders (chancellors) that would serve as the go between his own tribe & others? (emphasis number 4)
Reason because not every person from his tribe would understand the dominant & ruling tribe (Jukun) then,
as a result of their migration leaders may probably die on the way as a result of the duration of the journey which at times 500 -1000 years on the averageIt . It’s pertinent to note that the duo,led Igala from Egypt to kwararafa kingdom or from Bornu to the present taraba state before Igala broke away to the present day Idah.There are several questions begging for answers resulting from this argument: According to Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder and Boston, “Abutu-Eje was conceived and birthed by a leopard”

My Igala brothers how could that be? What is the Nexus between man and animals regarding procreation? (Emphasis 6)

He could have been possibly become a leopard being born of a leopard.How do you reconcile that? A leopard beget a leopard and man beget man:To me, “Eje ” in Abutu nomenclature does not suggest a title but rather a surname, emphasis number 8) and the Igala meaning of EJeh is leopard while “Abutu” Ebutu e. g “Ifa Ebutu as very significant in olden days now corrupted for Abutu… Because in all research to Taraba state among the Jukuns, there is nothing like Abutu or EJeh in terms of name bearing or any meaning in their language (emphasisnumber9) .

To me, the nomenclature”Ejeh in Abutu is a surname supporting the fact that “Abutu ” has a father and the father must have been the “EJeh” and “EJeh in Igala means leopard .
(10)what is the meaning of Abutu and Eje in Jukun language if his origin is tied to jukun? Emphasis number 10)

I think this is purely a mistaken identity propagated by a deluded minds.
Other questions demanding answers : are After leaving kwararafa Confederated unions,who led the Igalas to Otutubatu-Abejukolo-Ife(Omagede)?
(2)Before Abutu-Eje journeyed to meet them afterwards,and at what point(place)did he meet them?
(3) If Abutu EJeh had not met or related with these set of people before (IGALA) how could he have confidently traced Igala all the way from the present Tarawa state, cross Benue state to the the present Igala abode?Above all,Abutu Eje and his house hold would have been denied.

(4)Is there any justification of leopard fathering Abutu-Eje?

(5)What about the cultural diversities and differences between Jukun and Igala ?If truly Abutu EJeh was a Jukun origin, Just like British introduced some British policies in Nigeria during the colonial rule , Is expected of Abutu- EJeh to have done the same to Igala traditional institution :

(6) Why would Ayegba led war against his Jukun ancestors and above all any antelopes assumptions by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder and Boston cohort must be lampooned,castigated and jettisoned.The rulling class and the present Ayegba dynasty purely seems to be Igala and not jukun as speculated from different quarters.I sincerely enjoined our scholars to wake up and engage themselves on fact finding mission to nail this obnoxious assertions based on imaginary figment with a fictitious and delusional colorations….God bless Abutu-Eje, God bless Igala kingdom and God bless Kogi State

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