Tips From The Women Who Orgasm The Most

Tips From The Women Who Orgasm The Most

Take a page from their playbook


It turns out you could probably learn a thing or two from a woman who loves B00bs just as much as you do:  have more frequent  than straight women, according to a recent study from Chapman University.

When researchers surveyed straight and L€sbi@n women about their S3xual encounters for the past month, they found that 86 percent of L€sbi@n women almost always reached orgasm compared to only 65 percent of straight women, as we reported. What’s more, only about a third of women routinely climaxed from vaginal Int€rc0urse alone.

The female orgasm is a tricky thing to master—but lesbians have somewhat of an advantage here. They understand exactly what sex feels like for a woman both physically and mentally, so they’re in a better position to take their time with certain behaviours that build toward climax, says lead study author David Frederick, Ph.D., assistant professor in health psychology at Chapman University.

So before you get too discouraged, take a page from their playbook. Here are three things lesbians understand about the female orgasm—and how you can learn from them.

The duration of sex—starting the clock at foreplay—is one of the strongest predictors of orgasm for women, second only to receiving 0ral sex, the researchers found. The problem is, men usually get turned on easier and faster than women, which can cut your session short.

On the other hand, L€sbi@n couples typically have no problem taking their time, Frederick explains. In fact, 74 percent of L€sbi@n women reported having sex for 30 minutes or longer during their last S3xual encounter. Less than half of straight women met the half-hour mark, the researchers found.

So aim for 30 minutes or longer in bed, including foreplay, suggests Frederick.

Which brings us to our next point…

L€sbi@n ORGASM TIP #2: 0ral SEX IS KEY

0ral sex is the single most important predictor of whether or not a woman will orgasm, says Frederick.

Lesbians are much less likely to focus on vaginal Int€rc0urse and rely on 0ral sex to get each other off, he explains.

0ral sex gives you direct access to her clitoris, which is important, since most women need some kind of clit0ral stimulation to achieve orgasm, according to the Kinsey Institute. Try these 0ral sex moves next time you really want to impress her.

When straight couples have sex, they tend to follow a script: Int€rc0urse happens, you orgasm, sex ends, and you probably fall asleep, says Frederick.

So what do G.ay women do differently?

“With L€sbi@n women, there might be more of a “turn-taking” norm,” says Frederick. “One person orgasms and then the other person is brought to orgasm. There isn’t necessarily that same ‘one-person-orgasms-and-sex-is-over’ type scenario that you see in heterosexual couples.”

Here’s what you can do if you fall into that rut: Bring her to orgasm before Int€rc0urse even starts (ahem, refer to tip #2), suggests Frederick. You can also try manually stimulating her clitoris during sex to increase the chances of both of you climaxing together.

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