Interview Mistakes That Make Nigerian Graduates Look Unqualified

This common interview mistakes Nigerian graduates commit might seem harmless, but they are interview killers. Job interviews are just the best place to show the employer how much of an asset you would be when employed. Even if you have all the skills, ideas and talents, committing any of the listed blunders might see you lose the position to someone else – even if the person is less qualified than you are.


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Here are the common interview mistakes Nigerian graduates make. The aim is to find the right balance when answering the interviewer’s questions so that you don’t give out a wrong impression about yourself. Or at worst look less qualified than you are.

Dressing Non-Professional to an Interview

This is one of the common interview mistakes made by fresh graduates, due to lack of exposure. It has become almost common with Nigerian graduates. It baffles me to see a job seeker wearing a shoe, chinos trouser and a shirt at an interview.

What impression are you passing? Regardless of the position applied, you should always look like a professional. If you have seen most sportsmen during contract signing with top brands, they are always on suits. If they can do such despite their big names, what about you without any?

If there is a Tie between you – who is half dressed and another candidate who is professionally dressed, you would be eliminated on dressing points. So why risk it?

Failure to Link your ability to Company’s Profitability (Pitching your Value)
We know it is very important to share your accomplishments and abilities, but you shouldn’t end there. The hidden curiosity at the mind of every interviewer is “How can you help us improve” (Adding value)

It is not okay to say “I have a certificate in Digital Marketing” to an interviewer. This is one of the mistakes made by fresh graduates, It is making more sense to communicate the value that your certification will give the company.

You can say “I possess a certification in Digital Marketing, and the experience gained has helped me to …” site several achievements you recorded during your training period, and watch how the interviewer would smile at such brilliant answer.

Giving One-word answers to questions

No matter how simple the question to you may sound, always endeavour to elaborate. You should know that every question is an opportunity for you to wow the interviewer.

Give Instances
Tell Stories
Hype yourself.

You might not know the psychological impressions, but trust me that it works. It won’t just give you the job, it will also position you to negotiate a higher pay for yourself.

Admitting your Nerves and Fears

“Are you scared?”
“Are you nervous?”
“Have you ever at some point made terrible decisions that cost you much?”

Never ever answer positively to questions like this. You might assume that admitting to the above questions shows you out as an honest fellow – it might be so in social gatherings, but it is a bad strategy to gaining the interviewers confidence.

Remember that you are supposed to show yourself as calm-under-pressure, and a cool-headed professional, who knows good decisions to take. If you admit positive to such questions, it gives them the chance to imagine you doing such in the office. Keep calm and fake confidence.

Failure to Prepare (What do you know about the company)

“What do you know about us?”
This question is worth a million. If you ever want to increase your chances of getting hired, then you should show the interviewer that you well prepared. You should focus on the following;

Who they are
What they do
Core Values
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Any related news/recent activities about them online or offline.
Who wouldn’t employ such a brilliant person?

By following the above instructions, believe me, that you have improved your chances of getting hired by 80%.

Other factors include;

Your Experience

Value Added Skills you are bringing to the table.

If all these are in place, then the job is yours for the taking. Till we meet again, I hope you land your dream job with these tips.

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