In the years past when life had meaning and culture had value In Igala land , youths were seen as the pride of our kigdom . They were the natural arrows fixed to the parental bows which were often used to shoot through the iron gate of life. This was the case in Igala land before and during the colonial era, our youth then constituted the glory and hope of Igala land . Here we are today, looking desperately like a starved hawk and hanging restlessly in the balance like a gagged hyena. Virtually every Igala has forgotten the real cause of our calamity. The cry everywhere is now about the effect of that calamity on the land. No one endeavours to look back and see where the downfall started from.
And without looking back, there can never be any correction as to how to rise again…We hate each other,empty pride, we killed our leaders and we are not focus! Igala must unite before it is too late… Igala youth of today are different from those of yesteryears in many ways and the differences are clear. The youth of the past were very hardworking and dedicated. They sacrificed for our land: some led war,some where sent exile by the colonial masters and some where buried alive !what are you doing and what do you want to do for your father land today?Ameh Oboni was at his early 30 when he made this nation proud,Inikpe was 25when she paid the automate price for me and you,what about Ata Ijomi and Atta Ayegba ? They all served our land diligently and stood by our people in all circumstances. They sought advice and learned from the latter’s experiences. We the youth of today are very lazy, slothful, time wasting and lackadaisical in your attitude to life even as we are served by your parents from infancy to old age. Yet we despise our land and our people and treat them with disdain like nonentities. We believe that our hero’s past had worked on our behalves and that we are only in the world to enjoy the fruits of their labour. The youth of the past were patient contended and full of respect for the elders. They were humble, obedient and always eager to learn as they queued up before the elders for knowledge. We the Igala youth of today, we are very inpatient, greedily ambitious and we see ourselves as masters of knowledge when in actual fact we are slaves of ignorance.
Unlike the likes of Dr. Stephen Achema,Prince Abubakar Audu,Ata Ameh Oboni,Ata Ijomi,Ata Oguch-Akpa,Inikpe ,Omo-odoko and Ata Ayegba of the past, we Igala youth of today are mostly empty-headed, very arrogant, highly materialistic and hastily avaricious. We always want to start our lives from the peak of our parents’ achievements without asking about what our parents had gone through before reaching that peak.
We spend money lavishly without working for it and we never think of bearing any responsibility either in the homes or in the society. We are generally characterised by all the conducts that were classified as shame in the past in Igala land . To us, shame has its price. And as long as we can pay that price in coins by whatever means, we are important in our own estimation. Thus, shame, as far as we are concerned, is a vital aspect of culture which has no negative effect on our lifestyle. As a matter of fact we have taken shame for pride. oh Igala ! majority of us today are the real cogs in the Igala wheel of progress. To us , life has no meaning except it is heavily coded in money.
our slogan that “long life is irrelevant in the absence of money” is a testimony to this assertion. That life span in our Society has dropped so drastically is due to our disappointing lifestyle which often creates hypertension for your parents and leads to their early deaths.
Few parents talk of heirs nowadays because some of us who are supposed to be their heirs have long thrown away the toga of worthy heirs. In the past, mothers were not known for staying with their daughters in the latter’s matrimonial homes while leaving their husbands behind without care. This strange but new trend that has almost become a part our culture arose because of the incompetence of today’s young Igala women, even after many years of training. Thus, despite the ubiquity of young men and women, there is scarcity of husbands and wives just as there is dearth of fathers and mothers.
Virtually everything that matters to us today’s youths is devoid of our known core value. By our measure, the value of life can be found only in the volume of currencies.
Causes of our pain today…..change ! Change ! Change today for good …love your land and your people above all…..Good bless Igala Land….



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