What is Ankara??

It is the word used to describe the bright printed fabric that is inspired by African fashion. For this reason ankara  style is not just found in clothes but also on bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories.Now that it is trending vehemently, the perception of “what Ankara is” has changed dramatically. In the past, this fabric was produced primarily in Africa as for the manufacturing of traditional garbs. Now, everyone is making their own version of prints for clothing and other purposes. However, Ankara is not what it used to be before as there has been so many designs so far.Today, you see it in different country re branding its name but the fact still remains that it has grown in popularity in the textile industry in certain areas of Africa.This means a lot for a country that has been struggling economically for years.Ankara has now become a worldwide trend being seen on catwalks throughout the world. As countless celebrities have been spotted wearing gorgeous Ankara designs more and more people have adopted this new style as their own.

this top 5 Ankara fashion trends are so genuinely perfect that it gives you an insight of how Ankara must be part of the clothes in your closet.


by standardbae

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