Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch

Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch

Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch An educated craftsman gets his heart broken after he finds out that the one he holds closest to his heart has betrayed him and his love.



A smart young woman has everything she wants in life, but her unpleasant attitude and arrogance might cost her dearly.


Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch

The daughter of a very respected and very religious man decides to become a dancer despite what her father wants from her. How will she be able to do it?


After receiving several prophecies and warnings not to search for her jewellery, the Princess still wants to get it back. Little does she know that her desire might have brought on an impending doom. The movie already has a sequel, so you will not have to wait long to find out what happens after the events of the first one. Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch


A young lady enjoys her luxurious lifestyle but wants to get even more money from her father. How far will she go? You will have to watch to find out.


Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch

The palace is thrown into distress after the traditional crown disappears from its rightful place. If it is not found in time, there will be consequences. This movie also has a sequel, so you can watch the two movies back to back. Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch


Two identical twins always fight with one another even over the smallest things. The rivalry gets worse when one of the twins impersonates the other to win over a perfect man.


A married young woman refuses to change her thoughtless attitude until her behaviour results in a rather unfortunate situation.


Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch

The morning of what was supposed to be a joyful celebration stirs up a storm of hideous secrets. Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch


Akanni, a local mechanic dreams of a woman who is supposed to bring him fortune. When he wakes up, he realises that he has seen her before. Follow Akanni on his journey, as he tries to turn his dream into reality.


A career-oriented woman captured the heart of a man much younger than her. For a while, they were together, until she noticed the age barrier and decided to dump him. Will he be able to let her go so easily?


Top 20 latest Yoruba movies you should watch

The peace in the family home is disturbed as problematic in-laws visit their children who recently had a baby. Mothers-in-law get back into their never-ending rivalry battle, and the couple have to figure out how to deal with them.

Soko Soja. A married woman with a dark past tries to get more authority and power that will let her dominate those around her. Little does she know that this course of action will backfire when she least expects it.


Three craftsmen are too lazy to practice their respective professions in order to make a living. Instead, they decide to find faster means of getting rich together. Watch it along with the sequel Ladi Lado 2.


Tiwa thinks her loved ones actually love her, when in fact they were the ones who staged the accident that put her in a coma. Watch it alongside AWAKE (COMA sequel) to find out how she is going to deal with the truth.

You can find all of these movies and more on such channels as APATATV+, YORUBAPLAY and Yorubahood, as well as several other channels on YouTube. There are many more other great movies for you to check out on the aforementioned channels, Yorubahood movies in particular, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find some films to occupy your evening with.

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