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My Take on Black Panther – Mr Fixnigeria, Currently breaking all sorts of records at the box office, Black Panther the super hero movie set in Wakanda an imaginary African nation has been the talking point by movie lovers. Different critics and movie junkies have all offered their verdict and Mr Fixnigeria a social commentator has also given his take about what is now a global phenomenon.

Writing on his social media page he says; Finally saw Black Panther and this is my take: the movie is an excessive flattery of the African continent. Seems like Hollywood saying to us: “You’ve always whined about Africa being the cradle of civilization, hopefully you now have a movie to m@sturb@te your egos.” Duh! Nothing about the reality of Africa measures up to what is depicted technologically by the movie. .
Africa is still ravaged by hunger, poverty, war and disease. So I don’t get the hype and excitement about this movie. It actually calls for sober reflection and should make all Africans pause and think… Black Panther film producers can take a step further though by setting up a fund from their record-breaking earnings to help indigent African kids travel abroad to acquire the kind of education that would make a real life #Wakanda possible in Africa! #MyTakeOnBlackPanther by @mrfixnigeria


Have you seen Black Panther? If yes, whats your own take of the movie?

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