I had To Change My Friends, Toyin Abraham Talks Deep On Success Story

Popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, formerly known as Toyin Aimakhu has opened up about her career success at the 2017 edition of Success Story Africa, held on Sunday at the TLC Auditorium in Lagos.


She revealed she made a lot of mistakes when she began a career in acting because she surrounded herself with wrong friends. According to her, the kind of friends she used to move with were the type that loved competition, which was not good for her, as she was always trying to impress.

She added that she mistook fame for success which made her do a number of things she is no longer boastful of.

She said,

“I made a lot of mistakes when I began acting and that was because I did not have plans. I just wanted to be known.

But, I now know that being popular isn’t the same thing as being successful. When I got into the industry and the fame became too much, I became irresponsible.

I could not boast of N1 million in 2016. I was making money and I wanted to feel among. When one of our colleagues bought a car, it was trouble because we all strove to buy the same car or a bigger one.

I had to change my circle for good and this change started in March 2017.”

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