BBN: How To Vote Your Favourite Big Brother Naija Housemate From Being Evicted

Big Brother NaijaBBN: How To Vote Your Favourite Big Brother Naija Housemate From Being Evicted  How to Vote and Save your Favourite Big Brother Naija Housemate from being Evicted (Going Back Home!!!!)

Well there are two ways you can easily vote:


1. Vote via SMS:
– You can send a text message to the number 32052, make sure that you write the word “VOTE” followed by your Housemate’s name.
** N30 per SMS, no free SMS’s

2. Vote via WeChat:
– Go to your Google Play store or Apple store and download the WeChat app. Once the app is downloaded on your phone, register using your mobile number. Then add the AfricaMagicTV official account as a contact.
– From the AfricaMagic account, select BBNaija, and VOTE. You will be prompted to validate your number by typing it with the international dialling code [ +234] format. You will receive a code which your type in, and you will then be validated!

** Please Not Data charges apply.

NOTE: Voting lines Close at 8PM (West African Time) on Saturday.
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  1. Monbebe says

    Efe carry go

  2. Anonymous says

    Efe will be the last man standing

    1. lucious passy says

      100% support for him

  3. Anonymous says

    Voting miyonse

  4. Anonymous says

    Miyonse must go he is loosing focus,voting for soma

  5. lucious passy says

    #team efe and soma, igweeeeee, even if you did not continue with your crown till the end, if you wanna contest as the governor or president of my country me and my fans will vote you cause you possesses the character of a good leader with equal right, #teamigwe efe

  6. lucious passy says

    #igwe efe and soma all the way

  7. lucious passy says

    Igwe Efe,igwe efe have got your back Boss, you are so calm in your rulership

    1. lucious passy says

      This bad gyal gifty is just a distraction and cheerful giving free and gomming body

  8. team efe says

    Am voting for efe and soma derryauzzy

  9. derryauzzy says

    Team efe efe efe efe efe efe and soma soma soma soma all the way

  10. Ruphuss says

    My vote goes for Bisola

  11. Maris says

    I vote for bally

  12. my vote goes to gifty and should pls dump that mumu boy friend and go for real gee soma my son says

    Mrs zee

  13. soma still remains my favourite house mate cos he reminds me of my nephew kayima says


  14. Vote says


    1. AOBAKWE says


  15. Victoria says

    Vote for COCO-ICE, Basset and Bisola ……..

  16. Anonymous says

    Kemen is so childish, gossip and annoying…..

  17. vote bisola bisola @bbn says

    peter Esther

  18. petitefav says

    Bisola ride on, u making the house to be lively
    Gifty am happy for u’re save at last
    Efe God gat ur back
    Marvins u’re cool
    cheers housemates, one luv ?

  19. Anonymous says

    Vote go to gifty gifty

  20. Gifty gifty should not nt leave the house says

    Joy Samuel port Harcourt

  21. 100% vote for gifty says

    Dr Essienkan

  22. Gifty Gifty Gifty gifty says

    By vote on

  23. I vote for Gifty says

    By Dr Essienkan

  24. Vote gifty says

    Without gifty there will be no big brother. She giving us drama in the house. I love the way she do her things. Baby carry go. I love you sweet

  25. Horlly.k. says

    I vote for thin tall tony

  26. Anonymous says

    Marvis, Bisola, Bassey ol d way

  27. Anonymous says

    My goes to gifty from Rahama #bbnaija

  28. Anonymous says

    My goes to gifty from Rahama #bbnaija

  29. Rahama says

    Vote Gifty #bbnaija

  30. sorry gifty,the category this time is cnt beat TTTorMARVIS #bbn says

    Dej RiskSmile

  31. ajibulu joseph says

    #i think bbn is not wise,is this a reality show or season film so bbn still needs orientation.see how dem dey behave because of fucking 25 million, this is rubbish and f**k this show.

  32. Bella Green says

    Vote tin tall tony #BBN

  33. Thompson masheal says

    Efe for the money

  34. michael bello says

    My to marvis

  35. michael bello says

    My to marvis

  36. michael bello says

    My to marvis

  37. pamela goses says

    My vote goes to marvis!!!! Love you gal #BBNaija

  38. ernest says

    t t t toer stay in the house

  39. Owei Precious says

    Voting Marvis,she is super cool

  40. my vote goes to marvis nd efe 1 love guyz says

    ikenna ndubueze

  41. Voting for gift says


  42. Oldman says

    Nice one biggy

  43. mandisa hlongwane says

    Looolest ds game they punish them I can’t wait for my efe,,,,#efe all the way #bbn

  44. Anonymous says

    Efe all the way u have all my 100 votes

  45. Debbie says

    I really like efe guy how do I vote

  46. Anonymous says

    My efe alllllllllllll da wayyyyyy 100%vote for efe

  47. Anivera says

    Please can bally and kemen stop that their cossip is too uncall fou

  48. I vote bassy and Debbie rise says

    Debbie rise and bassey all the way

  49. efe we trust u go win ma nigga says

    ur family freind steven

  50. efe u don win no be doubt who won bet me says


  51. Joy Herbert says

    ‘VOTE’ 32052 bisola plZz

  52. Biggie is so unfair.... why is Tboss in the diary room for so long? says

    Mpho lacoste

  53. Beu_lahhh says

    Vote tboss and bassey for life, debbyrise Is just a fool

  54. pls u guys should vote for bassey says

    peace Akpe

  55. Debbie-rise all the way says

    Benny de Oseybo

  56. Datty says

    My vote goes to TTT carry go.

  57. DJ SMASH says

    vote efe my nigga

  58. mrs showemimo says

    mr efe my man vote you

  59. Anonymous says

    Eve for the money

  60. Anonymous says

    Vote Efe

  61. mene tuoyo says

    I vote bassey

  62. it divine says

    I vote bassey

  63. Anonymous says

    Jeff is voting for t boss, my love

  64. Peaches says

    I vote for Marvis

  65. I vote for marvis to in the house says

    I vote for marvis

  66. I vote boss and Debbie says

    I vo

  67. Peaches says

    I vote for Marvis all the way

  68. Anonymous says

    Xsty vote marvis

  69. xstyxstyxsty says

    Xsty vote marvis

  70. Anonymous says

    I vote for TBOSS

  71. Anonymous says


  72. Hollamyty says

    I vote T.BOSS

  73. I vote efe says

    Omiete west

  74. Princess ayo says

    Bisola is so loose,she can’t even hold her body she really want sex from bally.bitch

    1. Dj oscar says


  75. Princess ayo says

    My vote goes for Debbie rise

  76. diana says

    Vote marvis marvi

  77. Anonymous says

    Norbert Donglong from Jos. Efe all d way

  78. Norbert Donglong says

    vote Efe

  79. Norbert says

    for Efe kawai

  80. Norbert Donglong says

    Efe #bbnaija

  81. Oilylicious says

    MY VOte for TBosd

  82. Oilylicious says

    I vote TBoss

  83. Alvin says


  84. Tboss bae#bbnaija says

    Love izevbigie

  85. debbie u are d best ,love u soo much don't give up girl says

    Oyin Olla

  86. Anonymous says

    Efe is the man.heart you less man

  87. Anonymous says

    Debie rise I sight vote goes for u #Bbnaija

  88. Rosie says

    vote Efe all the way

  89. Rosie says

    vote Efe for d money

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