5 Common Menstrual Myths Debunked

5 Common Menstrual Myths Debunked

5 Common Menstrual Myths Debunked

We’ve all believed most, if not all of these  that aren’t true!


1.You can’t have sex on your : Research shows that having sex on one’s period is perfectly healthy, it even reduces cramps and pain.

2. Women are always moody during their period: Changes in hormone levels throughout menstrual cycle can affect how women feel, but it differs from woman to woman, some may have mood swings while others may be very energetic.

3. You can’t get pregnant on your period: A lot of people believe that women don’t get pregnant on their period but this isn’t true, when seeing your period, you can still get pregnant once you have sex, sperm has a long lifespan and could remain in the body long after you’ve had sex and into the time when you’re very fertile. However it is best not to have unprotected sex when seeing your period.

4. A tampon can get lost inside your v@g!na: This isn’t true, nothing can get lost in your v@g!na. Your v@g!na ends at your cervix and a tampon can’t get beyond that.

5. If you miss your period, you are pregnant : The most common reason for a missed  period is pregnancy, but there are other reasons too “Stress, illness, and changes in weight or nutrition can all affect your menstrual cycle.

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