10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)
10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria

Nigeria has plenty of talents and the top 10 best musicians in Nigeria are a perfect proof. Let’s take a look at the list of those whose songs have made the hearts of Africans and music lovers all over the world beat faster with excitement. Let’s take a look at the ten best musicians of Nigeria in 2018.


Of course, the top list of the most beloved Nigerian musicians is much longer than only ten names. Yet, this is what the tops are: a small part of the whole, the best of the best. Here they are, welcome the most popular and successful Nigerian singers who have won the biggest part of the population’s love and even international recognition in 2018. 10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria


10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • Don Jazzy

He is one of the wealthiest Nigerian performers. Nothing surprising, though. The man is a singer, music producer and songwriter, a director and a serial entrepreneur in addition to all this. Besides that, the man has serious investments in technology. It’s likely that his assets are about to grow any time soon. 10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria From the musical point of view, Don Jazzy is an outstanding performer with incredible vocals and a unique charisma. He knows how make a stunning show, how to thrill the audience, and how to behave on the stage. This influential musician is also quite handsome, and this fact is the last nail for many girls who are desperate seeking his attention.

Don Jazzy is known for both his solo works and collaboration with other Nigerian performers like Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks, and many others. The title of the best Nigerian musician is not simply a name given to him by fans. Don has already received a range of prestigious Nigerian awards as one of the best Nigerian musicians and the producer of the year.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)
MORENAIJA 10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria
  • D’Banj

This singer has already received several awards as best performer of the year for his hits Oliver Twist which featured Kanye West and Fall in Love. These two songs have been top singles not only in Nigeria but also in the entire Africa and abroad.

After his separation from Don Jazzy, D’Banj created a name for himself. The performance he created for the African Cup of Nations in 2013 is still remembered by many. It was the one that touches hearts and remains in the memory of the nation for many years.

D’Banj has an army of followers on Youtube, which fact proves his popularity as one of the best musicians in Nigeria.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)
  • 2Face Idibia

2Face is a real music star for Nigerians. He started his musical career as a member of boy band Plantashun He has received a number of prestigious musical awards, including MTV awwards.

Apart from being a bright star in the Nigerian musical sky, this singer and songwriter also has a non-profit organization that performs charitable activities. His popularity in all spheres of life is doubtless and the number of viewers on Youtube confirms the title of one of the most successful and beloved artistes in Nigeria.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • Davido

Though Davido has not been in Music as long as 2Face or Don jazzy, he’s one of the brightest stars in African Music. Davido is a vivid example of how the majority of an artist’s songs are real success.

The 60 million views of his videos on Youtube show the scale of his popularity in Nigeria and abroad. Another proof of his influence is the fact that tickets for his performances sell out many days prior to the due date, regardless of their price.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • Sade Adu

Sade is a living legend with Nigerian roots and one of the most influential musicians not only in Nigeria but also in the entire world. She has a great name in the late 1980’s due to her outstanding vocals and the unique style in music. Today, Sade is not only one of the brightest stars in the sky of soul music but also a fashion designer and a model herself. Sade Adu is a 4-time Grammy awards winners.

The number of views of her Smooth Operator video on Youtube shows that she’s definitely the queen of soul music and even after a long break in her musical career to focus on her family.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • P-Square

Technically, there were two of them in this duo but as a musical performing entity, they were one. Peter and Paul gathered a big deal of popularity due to their dance moves inspired by those of the legendary Michael Jackson.

They have already toured a lot of countries and performed at the same stage with huge stars like Chris Brown and others. Their smashing hits brought them a range of prestigious awards. At present, the two brothers have solo careers.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • Yemi Alade

Yemi is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria and one of the most influential female artistes. With her breakthrough hit Johnny she entered the world of music like a rocket and seems to be doing better with every other day. Yemi has international recognition and performs both in Nigeria and in other countries worldwide.

Apart from music, Yemi is a face of several influential and popular brands that give her significant income.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • Banky W

Banky W has always been one of the most popular Nigerian musicians and his recent marriage to one of the most beautiful actresses of the Nigerian movie industry, Adesua Etomi, has only added to his popularity. Now, the nation is keeping an eye not only on his musical career and new releases but also on the family life with the charming beauty.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

  • Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is a beautiful and talented, popular and successful, and she’s one of Nigeria’s favorites in music and the richest Nigerian female musician. At the beginning of her career, she sand back up vocals for George Michael, Emma Buton and other international celebrities.

10 Most Popular Artistes In Nigeria (Photos)

Wizkid, also known as a Nigerian ‘star boy. Recognized at home and abroad, Wizkid has several really bright appearances on his list. He has shared the stage with Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and others. No wonder that his popularity and assets grow every other day. Each his performance costs more than the previous, especially if it takes place abroad.

Well, this is the top list of musicians in Nigeria as estimated in 2018. Surely, we all expect something interesting and catchy from all these music stars to come by the end of the year just to prove that they are really the best of the best.

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