Wait Till After Childbirth Before Having Plastic Surgery – Actress Jennifer Obodo Tells Colleagues

There is no doubt that the Nigerian actress, Jennifer Obodo, is a very beautiful and fiery woman. And she is single too.

But then one thing is missing. She is alone and has not yet found true love. In fact, for Nollywood actress Jennifer Obodo, being alone on a cold, wintry night has not been easy.

In a meeting with Inside Nollywood, she lamented her fate: “I am 100 percent single. Only when I play a married woman do I wear wedding rings. So dealing with the cold and lonely nights has not been easy, because sometimes you need someone special to talk or hug. But the Lord has been my strength. I have yet to find true love. “

Now that big boobs and a heavy butt are becoming the new norm among actresses, the fair-skinned screenwriter has listed the conditions that would make her opt for liposuction.

“I love my body and I have confidence in it. Whoever doesn’t like my tits or my ass like that should avoid me. I have everything it takes; my height, beautiful smile, legs and complexion give me an edge over others in the industry.

“Right now, I can’t do any liposuction. Going under the knife when I have not given birth is just a waste of time. I can’t go under the knife without giving birth to all my children. I would also like to advise my colleagues; If you want to do it, wait until after delivery, then you can do all of that, ”she said.