Toke Makinwa Slams Reno Omokri, Calls Him A ‘Clown Face’ For Shaming Divorcees’

Toke Makinwa Slams Reno Omokri, Calls Him A ‘Clown Face’ For Shaming Divorcees’

OAP, vlogger and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa has criticized Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide and author for targeting divorcees.

Reno Omokri in a Tweet on Monday praised former first lady Maryam Babangida (the late wife of former Nigerian military president General Ibrahim Babangida) for her natural beauty and in the process criticized queens who are divorced.

Toke Makinwa, who was likely struck by the statement, went to his page to give a direct response to Reno Omokri.

She wrote:

“Wow, at your age? Your wife and kids must be ashamed for you, what a shame. “Divorced” is nothing to embarrass anyone about, life happens. People like you are the reasons many people are left in unhealthy situations and lose their dignity and, in some cases, their lives.

“Enough of the shame about Anyone’s divorce, I don’t see a divorced man being ashamed for living his life after his failed marriage, people like that clown face are probably in unhealthy marriages too. God forbid I marry a man who tweets that kind of crap, I sigh.

“You can celebrate one version of beauty without belittling another, you don’t have to meddle in women’s affairs as well. If you have a daughter, I hope she has the courage to never deal with such a rude man as you, stop talking about misogyny.

“Dragging my divorced Slay Queen bare ass back to my vacation and waking up to the most beautiful view. In my bed and outside my room. Love and light. “