Speed Darlington Calls Out Paul Okoye For “copying“ His Outfit

Controversial US-based Nigerian rapper and artist Speed ​​Darlington has criticized Paul Okoye for copying his outfit.

According to Speed ​​Darlington, Paul Okoye copied his outfit, and he wouldn’t say it because they speak the ‘same language’, he still hasn’t called it.
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Shortly after Paul posted a photo of himself in a multi-colored jacket, Speed ​​snapped the photo and collage a photo of him in the same jacket, claiming that Paul copied it.

He wrote;

“Copy copy Be original oh wait, do you think that because we speak the same language I won’t mind? Or maybe it’s all a plan, you probably know that I talk a lot, so copying me can make me say something that will boost your slow career; who knows”

See his post below;