Peruzzi Drags Brymo After He Claimed His Album ‘Yelow’ Is The Best Of 2020

Peruzzi, a Nigerian artist has criticized Brymo after he declared that his album “Yellow” is the best in 2020, while others are overrated.

Taking Twitter moments back, immediately after Davido’s release of the ‘A Better Time’ album, Brymo posted the cryptic message that many have seen as a stand-in for the head of DMW.

According to him, Yellow is the best album to come out of Africa in 2020.

He continued to accuse those who talk about other important albums, claiming that they do so because of their pockets.

He wrote;

“No album, none compares to“ Yellow ”on the mainland this year… Maybe you should start separating the“ most hyped album ”from the“ best album ”….

Yellow is Africa’s best album in 2020, others are more hyped!

People have been talking about Yellow for months, stop pretending to forget why little money doesn’t fit into your pockets … talking about ‘underrated’ … it’s not, you’re only saying it to promote your mid-end albums. “

In reaction to his claims, Peruzzi has now questioned Brymo on what he thinks about other albums before casting a shadow on him.

He wrote;

Others are what? Go put on a shirt, get caught.