Mzbel Cries Out As She Advice That People Should Never Adopt Children Whose Parents Are Alive

Ghanaian singer Mzbel has a lot of heart as she almost cried for the boy whose mother has come to take him after she adopted him at the age of 3.

The singer has noted that it is not the first time that a boy she has adopted has been taken away from her, as she claims that a girl was also taken from her after taking care of the girl so that she becomes someone.

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In a live video, the singer pointed out that the girl was called Ewura Adwoa and she was also abandoned but he cared for her and treated her as if she were his own.

He explained that he took the girl at her very young age from her parents because they did not take care of her, so she jumped in to adopt her.

Mzbel noted that she paid her fees until she finished college, got her expensive clothes, and also made sure she had a good life, even traveling with her out of the country.

He emphasized that the girl began to show her attitude after receiving her first national service salary to which the young woman’s mother came to tell her that Ewura Adwoa said that she is tired of her.

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The singer also gave advice that people should never adopt children whose parents are alive because in the end, ungrateful parents will come back for their children.