Meek Mill Hints On Settling In Ghana As He Enquires To Buy House

Meek Mill Hints On Settling In Ghana As He Enquires To Buy House

American rapper Meek Mill has made it known that he needs a property in Ghana as he plans to have the feeling of living in West Africa.

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Ghanaians in the digital space are anticipating his arrival after he hinted and tagged his friend that he has a motorcycle that will come with him.

In his previous tweet, Meek Mill asked about the availability of motorcycles, as he says that the best bike team should meet him at Kotoka International Airport.

However, the rapper has asked for recommendations that he needs a nice house to settle in Ghana for a while.

He added that he and his family need to have experience living in Africa and Ghana to be precise because Ghana is a hospitable and peaceful country.

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He wrote: “I want to buy a property in Ghana, where do I start? A beautiful house .. I need to feel that experience With my family as one more option in life! I don’t want to dedicate my entire life to the American way of life I’ve been living … the odds are too much against us, you feel!


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