Gospel Singer, Folashade Revels How She Reacted Unpleasantly To Her Husband The First Day They Met

Gospel singer-songwriter Folashade Onabowale is heating up the music space with her sizzling tunes. In February, he took his career to a new level with the release of his debut EP entitled, ‘My Thanks Has No End’, featuring the hit song O’Tobi (Big God).

In this talk, the Mass Communication graduate shares her survival story, culminating in endless gratitude. Enjoy it.

Tell us about your growth and when you discovered music.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but more importantly, I was born into a loving and God fearing home. However, my parents and brothers are amazing, I grew up in the barracks. Mom and Dad were able to train us in God’s ways. We are six children in the family, three boys and three girls, and I am the fourth child. I have always been a dancer and singer; I started singing when I was four years old.

Who were your first influences and why gospel music?

The music for me started very early. At an early age, I developed a great love for music. My early influences included Panam Percy Paul, King Sunny Ade, Onyeka Onwenu, Don Moen, Pastor Ibrahim John, Sunny Okosun, R. Kelly, Yinka Aiyefele, Sinach, Sammy Okposo, Dare Art Alade, and Tim Godfrey. Since I was very young, about four or five years old, I went from the boys choir to the teenage choir. Growing up, I was blessed to have wonderful parents who didn’t dictate a career or anything like that on their children. Music is my vocation and that is what I am doing.

How do you get inspired to write songs and what have been your challenges?

My inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I am inspired by my dreams and the inspiration also comes from my environment. Gospel music is my calling. So, I don’t see anything as a challenge. I believe that the obstacles that I have to face are the pillars of my life. I must confess that everything is working as it should because music is my ‘destiny code’.

Tell us about your EP and the single O’Tobi.

I am promoting my first album right now. It is an EP titled My Thanks Has No End. I’m promoting the fourth track, O’Tobi (Big God), which is the last track on the CD. It is on blogs and also on my YouTube channel. He is also in Cetunes, on the list of kings of the Embassy of Christ. So far so good, God is working! The response has been positively astonishing.

This is obviously a Thanksgiving album. What inspired you?

The day God gave me a second chance to live, that’s what inspired the album. My gratitude is endless! His grace and unconditional love for me are amazing! I’ve been through a lot of trials that people never get out of. I can never forget how God turned my duel into a dance, giving me a second chance to live, and not only that; God is always fixing it for me. I wanted the whole world to know that God is real and great. I can’t help but continue thanking him for saving my life, for the work of the evil one who wanted to take my life on my way home from choir practice. He is God and his mercy has no end. Words cannot capture the magnitude of what God did for me. I experienced a ruptured ectopic pregnancy at the age of 20. That alone is a death sentence in and of itself, but against all odds, he saved me from the valley of the shadow of death. I knew that I needed more time in this life and I had not fulfilled my mission on earth. Obviously he wants me to do feats for him. And I promised that I would tell the world how wonderful it is and O’Tobi captures my gratitude as it says how wonderful God is. It never fails and is always there for your children. When you have God, you have everything.

What artists do you want to collaborate with?

There are many artists with whom I want to collaborate, I must confess. I can’t even name them all. However, the first among them are R. Kelly and Sinach.

How did you meet your husband and how did you ask him the question?

Some men are always ready to go for what they want regardless of the consequences. On the fateful day I met my husband, I was sharing with a friend of mine what happened a few days ago between my boyfriend and I. My husband suddenly came up and called me from behind saying, ‘please excuse me’ regardless of the fact. I was with another boy and we were chatting. I reacted unpleasantly and he begged and left without knowing that what he did was deliberate, because he had been seeing me for a long time. Later we became friends and he eventually proposed to her. Today, we are happily married and I am so honored and proud to be your wife and the mother of your wonderful children.

Has your husband supported your career?

First of all, I thank God for giving me an amazing husband. He sacrifices a lot for me in terms of babysitting and things like that. Although he is a businessman, he denies himself many things just to help me. Also, with the help of my precious mother, and being a responsible and loyal wife, it is easy for me to combine my career and my home. My husband has supported me from the day I got under his roof to this day. He has been there for me countless times and encourages me spiritually, morally, and financially. I thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful husband.

Many gospel artists have been criticized for being materialistic just like their secular counterparts. What is your opinion?

I believe in elegance. I love to be elegant and beautiful. I have always had style since my childhood. Those who are very close to me can attest to this. Just because you’re a spirit-filled gospel artist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good. Our God is pure and clean and owns whatever position we find ourselves in. So being a gospel artist means you are portraying who God is, therefore you need to look good and stylish. I’ve always had style; I believe in being pure and attractive.

What are your dreams?

It is to be the most impactful gospel artist in Africa and beyond, and win souls for Christ.

Source: Sun News