Emma Ugolee: “Since My Kidneys Failed, Still Standing After About A Decade”

Media personality Emma Ugolee, whose kidneys failed about 10 years ago, took to Instagram to recount her journey while expressing gratitude for having survived what has killed so many people, IgbereTV reports.


He explained that he has had 22 surgeries and a failed transplant as both kidneys failed. She has also endured 1,296 dialysis sessions and four trips to 911. She is still on her feet, however.

Sharing a photo of himself with tubes sticking out of his body and another photo of him smiling, he wrote:

Look who’s standing. Standing after about a decade since both kidneys failed.

After a failed transplant and 22 surgeries of all kinds, from the thighs to the eyes. With various cuts and scars

After four trips to 911 and several close drives to the other side.

After more than 10 hospitals in 4 countries.

After 1,296.00 dialysis sessions

After a colon cancer scare

After the disappointments of men.

After almost a million dollars

After bouts of depression

Yes! Guess who’s still standing?
Stand healthier, stand stronger, stand wiser, stand with more hope and enthusiasm than ever.
Doing everything that is proposed and making all your dreams come true.

On the same journey where the graves have claimed many, on a day like this in which everyone is grateful. I look back and then I look up and say Thank You Jehovah.

Also look at your journey and see that you too have every reason to salute the soldier within you. Keep fighting.

NB: Thankful to all of you for the support here.

#gratittude #thankfull .. “