Davido Reveals Unbelievable Number of Days It Took Him to Record ”#ABetterTime”Album

The Nigerian musician Davido has surprised his fans after revealing the number of days it took him to record his latest album, entitled: ‘A better moment’.

According to him, it took him only 14 days to record his voice. Davido himself made the reveal when he tweeted in May; We recorded #ABT IN 14 days…. In a previous meeting with Complex, the head of DMW revealed that he did not plan to record an album in 2020.

He said: “The pandemic had a lot to do with it because I was on tour, which I had to stop. If I was on tour I’m not sure I’d have had time to really record, but being in Lagos, at home, I was recording and recording so many songs and it ended up being really good. It took me about two or three months, but when I started recording it, I didn’t have any plans, I just wanted to have fun with it. “