Comedian Kevin Hart’s Reaction After Seeing Photo Of His Lookalike From Zambia

American comedian Kevin Hart was left in shock after seeing his resemblance to the African country of Zambia.

He reacted in a recent interview.

His resemblance is a John TikToker from Zambia, aka @ arabmoney44.

He went viral for his striking resemblance to the Hollywood actor and comedian.

John, who identifies as an environmentalist, had posted a video of his impression of Hart and fans were disturbed by the striking resemblance.

Speaking to ‘The Breakfast Club’ co-host Charlamagne tha God, the comedian talked about having a doppelgänger, saying;

“This guy actually looks like me. It is not a joke. My brother, it looks exactly like we were born to the same woman, ”Hart said.

“I thought he was playing with a filter, but it’s him. That’s the second time I’ve seen him. “