Chigul Shows The Scars On Her Body (Photos)

Comedian and actress Chigul has shared images of her scars on Instagram, Igbere TV reports.

Chigul Shows The Scars On Her Body (Photos)

The 44-year-old woman revealed that on Monday she got her first scar from a car accident.

“SCARS !!!!!! SLIDE ONE… .scar from a broken arm that needed surgery… car accident… .slide 2… scars from epidural injections for back pain… (I got 2 epidurals in a week)… the doctor didn’t know what he was doing… (that’s a completely different story for a completely different day).

“Anyway … scars can be physical, mental, emotional / psychological … Sometimes we want to remove them because they are not very pretty to look at … or because they remind us of a time of pain,” he wrote.

Chigul initially became a singer under the name C-Flow, but this has been subsumed by his characters, the main of which is Chigul.

She stars in the movie Banana Island Ghost in 2017. The talented actress plays the role of Ijeoma, who is paired with Patrick Diabuah as the ghost.

Chigul has also appeared in films such as The Wedding Party 2 and Road to Yesterday.