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  1. twinkas have done alot in nigeria through their ability to stand by their promises, thanks twinkas i hail you. keep it up and let the twinkling continue

  2. Twinkas has changed my life so quick, started with 20,000, but I now have over 100k plus in my account under 3 days…

  3. hi friends i am new here i need someone to ref me


  4. Please guys hope this network business is real (twinks) cos I really do have interest to join. And too, in creating account, do I have to put a referee?

  5. i hope this works admin?

  6. I made mistake and open two account with the same bank details, how can I delete one?

  7. Need referer

  8. u made no mistake, even with thesame account number they will pay u


  9. i want to register twincas

    Okoro Rejoice

  10. Is this still working?

  11. Margaret Philip

    Twinkas all d way..

  12. twinkas God bless you to change the wood

  13. I want to join twinkas is it stil workong. kings

    kings A

  14. Loopersclub is Back and Hot most especially the 10,000.00 group.

  15. up twinkas

  16. twinkas I believe ur capability, u guy’s has done well, but I did 20k package since on d 12 of February, I have not my pay, can I still keep hope alive?


  18. Twinkas is still paying and is still paying. No need to panic stay calm and u will get paid

  19. Pls I registered my sis since 9of Feb with 10k but have not been paid

    Cheteze Annastecia

  20. I registered 10k since 4th feb till nw no payment

  21. Twinkas may God u pple oo, pls try and keep ur promise my 20k is still hanging since feb.

  22. Good day am suggesting that twinkas should move 50k package that registered on 8th and 9th to 100k package so that 50k can return back to normalcy. It has been stagnant for a long time bcos of 8th and 9th pple. If 3000 people on 50k package are paid daily through 100k package and the same 3000k people from 50 k 8 and 9, through recycling policy pay the 100k package, things will return to normal. Note that after 8 and 9 on the 50k package, we have very few people on other days. When people are paid, it will bring new people in and confidently will be restored.

  23. Pls twinkas should pity 50k packege for more than 1 month now no payment people are scared of joining a package because members payments are delayed, pls adopt a new way of payment so that people will be motivated to join

  24. Twinkas i believe in but my 20k since 7th feb and 10k since 4th feb and 20k since 10th feb is still hanging pls u people should pity us and do us a favour pls

    Okonkwo nkasiobi

  25. I was embbress when my friend tells me about twinkas that they paid within a week and I borrowed and paid, that was earlier March till now no pay why. Nwenyim Philip from ebonyi state.

  26. Pls my 20k is still there since 8th of february. Pls do something let me recycle again.

  27. Twikas has still not paid me, this internet of a thing is fake, I paid and for two months now I have not been paid, as for me no more internet this or that

  28. I made donation since early January till date I have not seen anything.i am beginning to have dout o!

  29. kudos to twinkas ,plsss peat #50,000 people ave help since February9& have not got anything plssss have mercy us so dat we can pledge another one

    oluwapelumi salau

  30. Pls is over a month since twinkas removed the person who refused to pay me and up till now I have not been merged,pls help

  31. I was match to pay somebody since February 10 up thing na they have not match somebody to pay me

  32. please i did mine since January av not seen my money kindly help o

    afolashade and queensly

  33. I had paid my sponsored since on 14 of March 2017 & up to now nothing come out. & I also sow a message on my dashboard that, I should get another sponsored. so what of the one I had paid before? Pls I need answer pls.

  34. Is twinkas crash?
    Cos people money are still hanging on air, even my money too is hanging. So me I don’t understand this forum again.

  35. The first time i joinalyed twinkers….I lost my money and up till now i really don’t think it’s wise to try twinker again…Admin what do you think?

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