1. Bisong Joseph

    How well I register people onder me

  2. Adekunle Oluwafemi M.

    provided those paid under me exceeds four people , what happened ?

  3. How long will it take to pay someone who don’t have referrals

  4. I dont know any1 dat can register under me as my downliners. Wat wil i do


    • Transnet Nigeria

      Just Register and make your payment to approve your account We Give downlines

  5. how will I see my dashboard


    • Transnet Nigeria

      When U have registered and Upgraded, Just Click on matrix to see your down-lines

  6. I have registered with your link. Can I paste my link here

  7. hw will i register people, n see my dash board

    Okoro linus Sunday

  8. Can I register for 3 people at once to complete my down line in order to be in control


  9. Can I start the registration with 4000

  10. Oluwabunmi adeyemi

  11. how can i gain downlines by just upgrading


  12. How can i register

  13. Sola f

  14. I am interesting.

    Mobulata Ukadiuba.

  15. Can i pay 5,000 and start alone bcos i can’t anybody

  16. Eigbuluese Matthew

    Pls l need an expert to direct me on issue becos l want to register