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  1. chinenyeobojiofor

    Please I registered yesterday night, And the steps was just too easyyyyyyyyy, My Money Grow 60% every month, wow

  2. please a friend of my told me about H2G…. is it scam?

  3. please tell me ohhhh,because i was about registering.

  4. This percentage is too attractive to believe. 60% of your investment? One has to take one’s time o! I think I still prefer my Mmm.

  5. whatsapp me if u ar in Anambra or call to get registered and start enjoying


  6. Please who is a sponsor is it the person that referred someone

  7. Help2get does not exist in any other country of the world except nigeria, so dont tell us you are from brasil, Indonesia or the like. We know it is a ponzi scheme. Anyone who may want to take part should that at his risk. I would have like to join but because you the organisers are not honest to us. H2g is newly louch in nig not upto 3 months, thanx.

  8. Pls can I put naijamore as my Sponsore

  9. plz has someone ever gotten help from dis h2g before?

  10. Please has anyone get help from this help2get

  11. stingy people, u want me to leave my money till a months time, so u can close with it... why not do 30% in 20days


  12. why 60% by month end??? instead of me to do 10% here for 10 good days, i had rather continue with my givers forum which gives 10% for just 7days

  13. I observed that is only Andrew oladipo that has received H2G money here, to me i don’t think H2G is real

  14. we are still testing it….we,v no get help yet …….you can use blessingbz as your sponsor

  15. Please some one should help me,since I provided help last month I can no longer login,am seeing your account not verify please contact your administrator. What should I do?

  16. Is Help2get real

    Making money machine

  17. Is this h2g real pls? Has anyone ever received money from this platform?

  18. How do I register when I don’t know of any sponsor and can’t get a manager’s ID?

  19. Who go give or borrow u money if not this type Of forum.Any one wey no send can try by the way life is full Of risk. Emiloju.

  20. Get Help world wide is still the best joor!

    120% in 30days. So amazing!

  21. please i want to know if this help to get is real cos i really want to register.

  22. I still prefer mysurecash by far.

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